Do I have any programmers who would want to help me with a little script?

The idea is fairly simple but gives some cool results. I tried it by hand, and now I need to go bigger.

Picture as a little teaser!

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@hekla hard to say yes or no with such little information :) maybe?

@reynir @hekla say more... I want to hack a Google sheet to do whatever that is

@hekla @for @reynir I have been nerdsniped by this, I can't stop thinking about how I can write an O(n) algorithm to generate this series of numbers.

I'm pretty sure I can do it in javascript, and if I find time to write, I might be able to have it online in a little webpage later tonight.

@hekla @for @reynir
I did the thing:

For some reason it fails to draw anything in my browser for numbers larger than 12. I don't know if the canvas is getting too big or what it is.

@zatnosk @for @reynir
OH WOW. I'm so happy you did this! Thank you! It looks super cool!

@zatnosk @for @reynir okokokkok what is happening between 9 and 10?? I'm so psyched about this!

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