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Tråd🧵 med mastodontips fra helvede - opdateres løbende:

Mastodon tip 1 🔥
Skriv en introduktion af dig selv med hashtag
“Fastgør” den til din profil, så folk let kan finde den. Overvej at lave én på engelsk, hvis du gerne vil forbinde dig med engelsktalende, eller brug på dansk

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Hi my name is Maia, Im a Copenhagen based cyberwitch, and I research and combat online trolls and harasssment, and online extremism in eg. the manosphere and GC cults.

@hekla and I started this server, after our activist collective Do:Topia's server that @laura ran got lost in the fire.

Mother of two, bi, poly, anarchist. Live in a collective in Copenhagen Denmark. Tired of my countrys politics, trying to build pro-topias, community and mutual aid where I can.

Okay, så like helt ærligt ikke folkens? Så er "Lokal tidlinje" på mega cute lige nu. Sorry for ikke at have provided nok content til at do my part for this revolution yet.
Jeg havde lidt for travlt med at være en forårskåd hore ... ✨🙃😇

Velkommen til helvede @Slyngel @Ibber og @Camlarsch 🔥🔥🔥

I kan finde tips til at komme i gang her i min tråd

@hekla og jeg er queens of hell, spørg os hvis der er noget!

war, propaganda, long 

Sadly, it looks like russian propaganda achieves its goal even among seemingly nice people on fedi.
Mind you, the goal of russian propaganda is not to make russia look good.
Instead, the major goal is to muddy waters enough so that people will think even of the simplest most obvious things that they are so complicated that we'll never know the truth (even if we know it already). As happened with MH-17 for example, where russian propaganda spun up a dozen of different contradicting conspiracy theories, not to make people over the world believe one of them, but to make them feel like they'll never learn which of the theories (including what actually happened: which is that it was shot down by a russian missile) is true.
And another goal is to make people focus on deficiencies of russian adversaries, to publish as many lies (some of them even with the grain of truth) dehumanizing their adversaries, painting them as nazis. Because then it does not matter that russia itself is a copycat of nazi germany. Then it's not a russian aggression against a peaceful country; then it's two nazis fighting, while ordinary people suffer. So you have to be above the fight, or apart from it, and not take sides, and either try to draw far-reaching conclusions about russian adversaries indeed being nazis even from the tiniest things completely distorted by russian propaganda, or just avoid thinking of this war altogether.

Ultimately, some people will just say "we'll never know the truth" or "we'll never know who is right and who is wrong", or "they both are wrong".
While some others will boost bullshit invented by propaganda, like "these soldiers are instead nazis, look, in this post they call muslims from Chechnya orcs because of their external appearance" (ukrainians call all russian invaders orcs because of their actions, and in that post some soldiers just happened to mention thugs sent by Kadyrov, and of course russian propaganda noticed and made a big deal of this) or "eurovision supports nazis because look, these performers from ukraine did a nazi salute" (because they waved at a crowd but of course russian propaganda noticed that from a certain shooting angle it may look somewhat similar to a nazi salute and made a big deal of this and nobody cares anymore that there were other shooting angles as well), or "because look, these performers declared their support for azov nazi militia" (they said "save azovstal" and azovstal is the name of a place where a lot of civilian people who fled russian shelling of mariupol are being further shelled by russia for the past two months, and "azov militia" is not even a thing since like 2015, but of course russian propaganda cut off the last part of the word and made a big deal of it).

"These are just two nazis fighting each other, I do not support either side, I feel for the ordinary people who suffer but in the same breath criticize these very same ordinary people when they dare to express support for one of the sides and criticize those who platformed them" is a very convenient position. And extremely convenient for russia, because it helps to reproduce itself.

Biodiversity loss and Climate change are the same crisis “… important is restoring forests and woodlands, but doing so with native species is critical. Planting monocultures of nonnative trees won’t boost biodiversity, the researchers point out, despite such endeavors being incentivized as a climate change solution.”

#environment #climate

uspol, shitting on Biden, antiblackness, the massacre in Buffalo 

Joseph pretending to cry at a memorial thing outside of the grocery store when JUST LAST WEEK he was talking about how he missed being able to have lunches with segregationists

this man, my god, i hate him

Mig til den 3-årige: Godnat, jeg elsker dig.

3-årige: Du elsker også mig!

Tror klart det skal være mit svar på kærlighedserklæringer fra nu af…

#DR2Deadline 📺 har interviewet Frances Haugen der sidste år afslørede, hvordan Facebook med åbne øjne bruger algoritmer, der skaber splittelse og giver særligt teenagepiger alvorlige psykologiske problemer. Det er virkelig værd at se. Masser af forklaringer om hvad problemerne er og hvordan de kan løses. Det starter 14:55 👇 #SoMe Ping @maiathecyberwitch.

crypto bros 

Its funny, and Im tired of pretending its not

interviewer: can you explain the big gap in your employment history?
me: can you explain the big gap between what your CEO gets paid and what your workers get paid?

It's time to

Nyt scheme?

En af mine venner har fået en dobbeltgænger på Instagram, der kopierer hans navn (næsten), profilbillede og info, og så følger profilen hans venner og beder om deres nummer og operatør i en DM. Og sender et link hvis "man vil være med i en konkurrence".
Jeg tænker det kunne lyde som et forsøg på sim-swapping, men er ikke sikker. Er der andre sikkerhedsfolk der har hørt om et simswapping scheme i omløb på sociale medier? Eller har set det her og ved hvad det handler om?

Altså det er ikke min kat, jeg ved bare at billeder af dyreunger gør én i godt humør.

Og billeder af axolotler gør mig altid i godt humør, uanset deres alder

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Godmorgen folkens. Her er en mandagskilling til at få jer godt i gang med ugen:

What are some of the funniest, most creative or most impactful types of digital activism you have seen in the last couple of years? Collecting examples to share with young folks who are organising in their housing area, to get them inspired...

I really want to emphasize again that technologies like banner exchanges, webrings, blogrolls and links pages didn't die off because people just stopped using them - they were, and are, a good idea and a great, low- or no-cost way for small hobby websites and communities to find each other and form connections.

They didn't fall out of favour because of changing times. They were deliberately hobbled or bought up and killed off by power-seeking corporations, because they were hard to monetize.

You don't see many links pages anymore for a couple of reasons. The most horrible thing about the modern internet is that the biggest websites like facebook and reddit and twitter and such are run by jerks and they set the tone; these weirdos want you to stay on their one website all day long, even when there's nothing new to read, so they don't have links pages, so people aren't exposed to links pages as part of general internet culture.

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